Faith, Politics, and Transitions in Brussels

Old Friends; New Year

2018 is done and dusted. Looking back, it has been quite the year. Our daughter who was just crawling at the beginning of 2018 is now jumping at its end. Besides, running and climbing and destroying things. It has been incredible to watch her grow and develop. She’s speaking now, and a year ago her life was incommunicado. But to prevent this post from being all about her, I’ll move on to other things done this year.

I wrote four out of five chapters of my dissertation for my PhD.

We began new initiatives at church, including finally having (after petitioning for years) an Anglo-Catholic eucharist. It may have been the first time incense was ever used in the church building.

Our friend Laurel moved to Australia, and we said good-bye to her.

Our friend Jo moved to Paris, and we said good-bye to her.

Our friends Bailey and Rudolf moved to Atlanta, and we said good-bye to them.

There is a theme here. It has been a year of good-byes, of change and transitions.

Our friends Ali and Ingrid were married.

My younger brother married his best friend, and I got to the best man.

Change and transition.

At New Years though, we got to see Laurel and Jo. Laurel had come back from Australia to the UK for Christmas and New Years. And Jo came up to see her, as did we. And we all were together ringing in the New Year. 2019.

It made me think about time. The loss of time, the expanse of time, the regaining of time. Time that slips away. Time that passes too quickly or too slowly. Moments of transcendence, where time lays out before you, visible and tangible. And the totally average, slow, long-way-round passing of time. Day in. Day out. It’s how a life gets built, I guess.

This New Year, I am thinking about with whom I pass my time, on what I pass my time, and for what I pass my time. I am thinking about what 2019 can do. A banner year? A slog through the thick of it?

I can’t see the year, but I can see today. And I act and build today into something worth my time, worth passing my time the long-way-round to 31 December 2019. I’ll let you know how I get there.